Decking Hobart – Choosing the Right Company

Decking Hobart

If you are looking to buy new decking, you may want to consider one of the many different companies in the area. Here, we will give you information about several companies in the area: Prestige Construction LLC, NewTechWood, Replas Tasmania, and CK Custom Decking. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, but there are some commonalities among these companies. Choosing the right company for your decking project is important for the aesthetic appeal and durability of the finished product.

Prestige Construction LLC

If you’re looking to expand the living space in your home, you may want to consider installing a new deck. Prestige Construction LLC is a local Hobart contractor that specializes in custom deck design. Their expert team works with homeowners to create the perfect plan for their yard while increasing the overall appearance. They offer a variety of options including pressure-treated wood, cedar, vinyl, and composite decking.


A composite timber product that looks and feels like natural wood, NewTechWood is available for purchase at authorised decking Hobart resellers. The product is UV protected and boasts anti-slip properties. To learn more, visit the NewTechWood website. To get started on your new deck, follow the installation instructions carefully. Once you’ve installed the decking, it’s time to install the joists.

Replas Tasmania

Replas is a plastic recycling company based in Tasmania that turns plastic waste into products. The company produces fencing, decking, and other construction materials from recycled plastic. One of their most popular products is the Onya Backpack, a practical bag made of recycled plastic. Each piece of Onya is made of up to 10 plastic water bottles. There are 16 different colour combinations to choose from. These recycled plastic products make for an eco-friendly deck.

CK Custom Decking

CK Custom Decking Hobart has the necessary tools and expertise to build the deck you’ve always wanted. From timber, spotted gum, ironbark, and treated pine, you can choose from a wide variety of beautiful options. They also offer composite boards, a great alternative to wood, with their incredibly low weight, resistance, and durability. Expert designers and experienced installers are at the ready to help you make the best decision for your property.

Composite decking

If you’re looking to improve the aesthetics of your home and are in Hobart, consider installing a composite deck. These products are made with recycled wood fibres and plastic, and have a high degree of durability. You can choose from different styles and colours, depending on your taste and budget. A specialist in Hobart will be able to advise you on the best option for your home. You can also ask for assistance from the customer service team, and Mat at Replas Tasmania is more than happy to help.

Preserved wood

Despite its attractive looks, preserved wood is not appropriate for every home in Hobart. Because it is so durable, it is not only useful inside the home, but can also be used outdoors for landscaping and socializing. Using a wood deck constructed from preservative-treated lumber creates an inviting and versatile space to entertain family and friends. Furthermore, it can withstand the elements of the Tasmanian climate.